Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Condemned (USA) - Realms Of The Ungodly (2011)

Band: Condemned (USA)
Album: Realms Of The Ungodly
Year: 2011
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Country: USA
Format: mp3@192kbps
Host: Mediafire

1. Eirgmos..Aidios..
2. Ere the Dark Sovereign
3. Baptismal Incineration Upon Simonists
4. Catharsis of Human Impurity
5. Embodied in Elms of Eternal Misery
6. Realms of the Ungodly
7. Forged Within Lecherous Offerings
8. The Divine Order of Babylon
9. Manipulated for Servitude
10. Submerged Unto Phlegethon
Total Playing Time 32:50


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