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A.V.A. AUG A3 FOR CS 1.6

" The AUG-A3 is an upgrade version of AUG-A1 "
For a price of 3,000 Euros, players can modify their AUG-A1 into an AUG-A3, which features rails for the attachment of different optics. As with all Modded weapons, the upgrade comes adds additional recoil in exchange for its capacity to be customized and a reduced repair cost (To balance out the money spent on modifications).
Some argue that the AUG A1 is superior to its upgraded counterpart, though their general preformance tends to be similar. However, using the correct modifications can make the AUG A-3 an excellent mid range or burst gun.
If modded correctly, the first one or two shots may have little to no recoil, making it an exceptional tap fire gun that holds exceptionally good accuracy. In extreme situations, if one cannot take cover, this can be used to tap fire at snipers to disorient them from hitting you, and if you aim properly at the head, you can easily kill snipers.
Ironically enough, most of the AUG-A3's attachments focus on upgrading accuracy at the cost of every other stat, which is already the only strongpoint of the AUG series.




Saturday, 28 April 2012

A.V.A. SG556 FOR CS 1.6

“ A custom SG551 for the American market. This assault rifle uses aluminum alloy in its lower section, magazines from the M16 family, and the retractable buttstock of the M4 series. It is also noteworthy that this version comes with a built-in Picatinny rail.”

The SG556 is an Assault Rifle first introduced during the 03-24-11 Content Update, is part of the SIG series of weapons. As such, it has high accuracy, but this model also has rather high damage which can be upgraded almost to the level of an AK47, fairly quick mobility with an average range and slow rate of fire. Its weakest point appears to be its stability. It is is comparable to the M16, but has very little bloom when shooting at a stand still position. It also offers a large variety of customization options, but is however, quite expensive by default. The SG556 has fairly good stability when NOT moving. In fact, it is able to kill enemies more easily from further ranges when stationary with its high accuracy and in 3-4 bursts. When moving however, the SG556 becomes less effective at longer ranges and spraying decreases the effectiveness dramatically in long range and close range alike. The SG556's scope can be used effectively when standing still in 4-5 bursts.

Overall, it is best to use the SG556 when crouching and tapping. When fighting in CQC, it is best to strafe, stop, and shoot in 3-4 bursts and repeat. Otherwise, move and shoot but make sure not to spray. Overall, the SG556 is a very popular weapon which is unlocked at a somewhat high rank requirement(Sergeant First Class 2) and is overall, an excellent weapon if used efficiently.





Weapon:     Ingram MAC-10
Type:     Secondary (Machine Pistol)
Rank:     N/A
Country of Origin:     USA
Popularity:     Medium demand
Euro(s):     N/A
GCoin:     N/A
Firing Modes:     Auto
Ammo:     32
Suppressor:     N/A
Front:     N/A
Mount:     N/A
Barrel:     N/A
Trigger:     N/A
Grip:     N/A
Stock:     N/A
Paint:     N/A
Damage:     26
Range:     10
Accuracy:     50
Stability:     40
Mobility:     95
Rate of Fire(ROF):     83
Caliber:     9mm X 19 parabellum, .45ACP
Weight:     2850g
Length:     269mm
Hidden Stats
Penetration:     Low
Zoom:     N/A
Scope:     N/A
Draw Time:     N/A
Reload Speed:     N/A

The first sidearm to appear in A.V.A that has an ammo capacity higher than a standard assault rifle, the Ingram MAC-10 is a Sub-Machine Gun used by the US army.

The MAC-10 has a high rate of fire and mobility. It also has decent stability. Also, normal hip-fire at close range proves to be as deadly and effective as any other SMG. This weapon is best suited to AK-47 users because their quick reflexes to right-click and crouch proves very useful with this gun. In the eyes of most people, they call it an Uzi secondary due the looks and stats that are very comparable with the Uzi's and also say that this is the best fullyautomatic pistol along with the Berreta M93Ra.
The MAC-10's accuracy and range is very low. But, by right-clicking and crouching, you can greatly increase accuracy.


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Birth Of Depravity - The Coming Of The Ineffable (2012)

Band: Birth Of Depravity
Álbum: The Coming Of The Ineffable
Year: 2012
Génre: Brutal Death Metal
País: Grecia
Format: mp3@320kbps

01. Enormous Voracity
02. Developed Mass Insanity
03. Subconsciously Confined
04. Enslaved In Somnium
05. Ingrained Abnormality
06. Misconceived Superiority
07. Towers Of Disillusion
08. Patterns Of Hatred
09. Dehumanization By Hellfire
10. The Coming Of The Ineffable


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A.V.A. TAR-21 C For CS 1.6

“ Bull pup assault rifle by IMI of Israel. Also known as 'TAVOR'. It includes advanced red-dot reflex sight and can be mounted with different scopes. TAVOR's ergonomics design is known for its practicality and stability. ”

The TAR 21 is an Assault Rifle that was first introduced with the game.
It has a high rate of fire for an assault rifle, good accuracy, low, and somewhat tolerable damage, and comes with a 30/60 magazine. The TAR has very high bloom in full auto, but very negligible bloom when bursted or tapped. It can have different mods, including the option to modify the stock, trigger mechanism, and aiming device (although many users prefer to use it in CQC due to its problematic crosshair "bloom" during prolonged fire). Being a jack-of-all-trades, it is fairly mod-dependent for good preformance. Overall, it suffers a considerable amount of bloom during prolonged fire, stemming from it's high ROF for an assault rifle, making it a low to medium-tier weapon for serious combat. It should be noted that this gun is unusually common given its usually lackluster reviews, which implies there is something about the TAR which makes it a worthwhile weapon for the standard player (or alternatively, this may be attributed to the fact it's the first unlockable weapon in the game). The Tar is also a great weapon to learn how to handle bloom, though a somewhat pricy lesson. Rapidly bursting, holding down the trigger for a moment, then quickly unclicking and reclicking will significantly help reducing any bloom. Firing 3-5 round bursts is most effective, and if done right, one can burst at nearly fully automatic firing speeds with only some loss in accuracy.
As stated earlier, It is the first unlocked Rank weapon in ijji AvA.



Tuesday, 24 April 2012


“    Picatinny rail equipped model. Various accessories can be equipped. Internal functioning design takes form of direct gas action similar to M16 series and is very handy. It is being used in many countries including Korea.    ”

The K1A1 Rail is a Pointman weapon first introduced during the 05-05-11 Content Update. Like all pointman carbines, it acts as a longer ranged pointman gun with a higher effective range, damage and accuracy. However, it suffers from a lack of ROF (for its class) and does not do as well as its PM counterparts in CQC. As such, this gun can be considered akin to a psuedo-Rifleman's weapon. The K1A1 is excellent for more passive-aggressive gameplay, in contrast to the typical "rushing" that Pointmen are associated with. For players whom relate to that playstyle, this may outpreform the MP7 or Veresk, as nether really cater to the niche.
The K1A1 Rail is one of the few SMGs which are unable to equip a silencer.
It ties with the SG552 Commando as second most damaging (non-capsule) SMG, only beaten by the AKS-74u.
In terms of modifications, the K1A1 is capable of either focusing on being a more accurate "psuedo-rifle" (with Accuracy add-ons), or becoming a long-range SMG (with stability mods and the RoF add-on).
What makes the K1A1 unique is that it is extremely versatile. When made into a pseudo-rifle it is comparable to a mid-RoF Assault Rifle and plays almost identically to the famed M4A1 series. When modded toward stability and RoF, its high stability makes it play similarly to the MP7 but with superior range -at the cost of a significantly lower DPS and clip size.
It usually has a 4 shot kill to the torso (though occasionally 5), and a wonderful 2 bullets to headshot when within the weapons generous range.



Monday, 23 April 2012

AVA MP7A1 For CS 1.6

“  A new-concept SMG designed and manufactured by H&K. The light-weight 4.6mm rounds fired at ultra-high muzzle velocity provide more than enough penetrating power to overcome kevlar. It boasts good accuracy from a gas operation system as well as the easy handling of a pistol  ”

The MP7A1 is a Sub Machine Gun first introduced in the 12-09-10 Content Update.

The MP7 is a rather weak weapon in terms of damage-per-shot. By comparison, its damage is as low as the MP5K-PDW, . However, it makes up for that by being extremely light and has highest rate of fire in in all of AVA (at least, currently) and among the lowest recoil in the game(Althought it's nowhere near a F2000 or the M4A1 MK3, most likely to balance out it's blazing fire rate. None the less, it is still one of the easiest weapons in the game to control). It also has one of the highest magazine capacities for a weapon in its class, though due to aformentioned RoF it dissapears quickly. If used in the right hands, it can turn into a devastating SMG that can excel in close to medium range combat. Strangely, this weapon has rather decent penetration (For a SMG), probably to balance out it's extremely low damage.

Along with the Veresk (and to a lesser degree the AK-74u), the MP7 is considered a "Top tier" weapon of the Pointman Class. It should be noted that out of the three, the MP7 is the only one capable of utilizing a silencer and is considered the most user-friendly of the trio, due to it's extremely low recoil.

The MP7A1 is best used when aimed at the neck line, as this balances the bullets either striking the head, or the body. This allows the player to take advantage of the rate of fire, because normally, the MP7 takes up to 3 headshots to kill somebody. Some of the bullets will hit the body, and maybe one or two will hit the head. This makes for a very quick kill if you have good enough aim.


Sunday, 22 April 2012

AVA FR-F2 SR For CS 1.6

Weapon:     FR-F2
Type:     Sniper Rifle
Rank:     (16) Master Sergeant 1
Country of Origin:     (FR) France
Popularity:     Very High
Euro(s):     47,000
GCoin:     149
Firing Modes:     Bolt-action
Ammo:     5 (->10)
Suppressor:     No
Front:     No
Mount:     Yes
Barrel:     Yes
Trigger:     Yes
Grip:     No
Stock:     No
Paint:     No
Damage:     95
Range:     80
Accuracy:     92
Stability:     30
Mobility:     20
Rate of Fire(ROF):     20
Caliber:     7.5mm X 54 French Service
Weight:     5.3kg
Length:     1200mm
Hidden Stats
Penetration:     N/A
Zoom:     N/A
Scope:     N/A
Draw Time:     N/A
Reload Speed:     N/A

  "A bolt action sniper rifle that has the improved operating mechanism of the MAS-36, the French army rifle that has been in service since 1936. Its time-tested and enhanced handling gives it great utility."

The FR-F2 is one of the most popular sniper rifles. Although the TPG-1 is considered supreme for it's almost 0% tag rate, the FR-F2 seems supreme in all other categories.
The FR-F2 has an excellent 1 hit KO rate, shots to the chest within considerable range are almost always Kills, as the FR-F2 has armor penetration which ignores the armor players are wearing. The mobility, scoping speed, and ammo capacity are all higher and faster than the TPG-1. However, the FR-F2 is not as advanced in penetration of walls or bodies as the TPG-1 is. The FR-F2 also has a higher rank requirement: Master Sergeant, but is worth the wait.
The FR-F2 is also fairly customizable, where it can be upgraded and modified further to your preferences. For decreased tag rate, it is recommended to buy the Long Range Barrel.
Nonetheless, it is quite common among higher ranks in the PVP channel and on the Canon AI mission, where enemy snipers often are seen carrying it. Overall, the FR-F2 is almost indefinitely one of the best sniper rifles in the game and a sniper would do well if he had one.
Another advantage is the FR-F2's silence. Compared to the TPG-1's trademark firing sound, the FR-F2 is not so obvious. This is not so useful but may assist in keeping yourself hidden (especially behind enemy lines).
It is not recommended to knife-swap with this sniper because the time it takes to load another bullet and the time it takes to pull out the FR-F2 is almost the same.




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Rider's Weapons from Fate//Stay Night for CS 1.6

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“    An experimental version of the FA-MAS with burst-fire mode. The weapons overall performance has been improved by implementing some features requested by frontline soldiers    ”

The FAMAS or Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne, is a bull pup rifle of French origin. Its bullpup design means that the magazine, bolt carrier group, and trigger houseing is situated behind the trigger. This allows for a full length barrel, yet keeping the overal length of the gun on par with a SMG. It fires the standard 5.56NATO from a magazine holding 30 rounds. The FAMAS is currently the standard issue assault rifle for the French Military. The FAMAS MK.3, is a highly versatile assault rifle, capable of both close range, AND medium and long range engagements. It has several key advantages over other assault rifles, and several disadvantages, but its pro heavily outweigh the con.



Monday, 16 April 2012

A.V.A. M14EBR FOR CS 1.6

“Old fashioned M14 assault rifle reborn as a modernized model with standard equipment of Picatinny rail. Various accessories can be equipped to support excellent functional compatibility. It is a large and heavy rifle but supports great power.”

The M14EBR is an Battle Rifle first introduced in the 10-25-10 Content Update.

This rifle is very powerful and very accurate. However, it is heavy and possesses a 20 round magazine.

The recoil on this gun is similar to many rifles of its caliber, such as the SA58 Para. This gun however is a strong 2-3 hit kill to the chest and a one-shot kill to the face using a 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. This gun can be purchased a Sergeant First Class First Class for 54K euro. The M14 must always be tapped, even at close range, as when bursted, the recoil pattern goes haywire and side-to-side recoil occurs. This gun is not popular, as many people see it's high recoil, very low ammo count, yet expensive cost as bad factors for a decent assault rifle. However, it can serve as a "training gun" for players who wish to buy a SA58 Para in the future (at the rank of Master Sgt.). But this gun is like the Kriss Super V, it can easily compete with the top-tiers, but people just seem to not like it.



Sunday, 15 April 2012


“A special ops version of the MP5 with a built-in suppressor. It uses subsonic rounds in order to produce even less noise and is easy to control to its light recoil. The SD is an abbreviation of the German 'Schalldampfer', which means 'suppressor' in English.”

The MP5SD5 is a Sub Machine Gun first introduced during the 05-23-11 Content Update. It possesses excellent ROF and above-average damage, giving it an remarkably high DPS. It also has an integrated silencer, making it useful for flanking. It has occasionally problematic bloom which may be cured by using the Spetsnaz barrel. Alternatively, when shot in 4-5 shot bursts, the MP5SD loses almost all its bloom, making the Burst Barrel the more useful attachment as it makes the gun overall more deadly. This is highly recommended, and makes the MP5SD5 one of the most effective burst weapons in the game (especialy when combined with a Silicon Grip).

The gun takes approximately 5 shots to the chest to kill, which is convenient as it does not bloom until the 6th shot. When couched, this gun is extremely accurate at extreme ranges with predicable vertical recoil with almost no bloom whatsoever, making it a excellent counter-sniper weapon, though damage dropoff should still be taken into consideration.