Tuesday, 24 April 2012


“    Picatinny rail equipped model. Various accessories can be equipped. Internal functioning design takes form of direct gas action similar to M16 series and is very handy. It is being used in many countries including Korea.    ”

The K1A1 Rail is a Pointman weapon first introduced during the 05-05-11 Content Update. Like all pointman carbines, it acts as a longer ranged pointman gun with a higher effective range, damage and accuracy. However, it suffers from a lack of ROF (for its class) and does not do as well as its PM counterparts in CQC. As such, this gun can be considered akin to a psuedo-Rifleman's weapon. The K1A1 is excellent for more passive-aggressive gameplay, in contrast to the typical "rushing" that Pointmen are associated with. For players whom relate to that playstyle, this may outpreform the MP7 or Veresk, as nether really cater to the niche.
The K1A1 Rail is one of the few SMGs which are unable to equip a silencer.
It ties with the SG552 Commando as second most damaging (non-capsule) SMG, only beaten by the AKS-74u.
In terms of modifications, the K1A1 is capable of either focusing on being a more accurate "psuedo-rifle" (with Accuracy add-ons), or becoming a long-range SMG (with stability mods and the RoF add-on).
What makes the K1A1 unique is that it is extremely versatile. When made into a pseudo-rifle it is comparable to a mid-RoF Assault Rifle and plays almost identically to the famed M4A1 series. When modded toward stability and RoF, its high stability makes it play similarly to the MP7 but with superior range -at the cost of a significantly lower DPS and clip size.
It usually has a 4 shot kill to the torso (though occasionally 5), and a wonderful 2 bullets to headshot when within the weapons generous range.



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