Monday, 23 April 2012

AVA MP7A1 For CS 1.6

“  A new-concept SMG designed and manufactured by H&K. The light-weight 4.6mm rounds fired at ultra-high muzzle velocity provide more than enough penetrating power to overcome kevlar. It boasts good accuracy from a gas operation system as well as the easy handling of a pistol  ”

The MP7A1 is a Sub Machine Gun first introduced in the 12-09-10 Content Update.

The MP7 is a rather weak weapon in terms of damage-per-shot. By comparison, its damage is as low as the MP5K-PDW, . However, it makes up for that by being extremely light and has highest rate of fire in in all of AVA (at least, currently) and among the lowest recoil in the game(Althought it's nowhere near a F2000 or the M4A1 MK3, most likely to balance out it's blazing fire rate. None the less, it is still one of the easiest weapons in the game to control). It also has one of the highest magazine capacities for a weapon in its class, though due to aformentioned RoF it dissapears quickly. If used in the right hands, it can turn into a devastating SMG that can excel in close to medium range combat. Strangely, this weapon has rather decent penetration (For a SMG), probably to balance out it's extremely low damage.

Along with the Veresk (and to a lesser degree the AK-74u), the MP7 is considered a "Top tier" weapon of the Pointman Class. It should be noted that out of the three, the MP7 is the only one capable of utilizing a silencer and is considered the most user-friendly of the trio, due to it's extremely low recoil.

The MP7A1 is best used when aimed at the neck line, as this balances the bullets either striking the head, or the body. This allows the player to take advantage of the rate of fire, because normally, the MP7 takes up to 3 headshots to kill somebody. Some of the bullets will hit the body, and maybe one or two will hit the head. This makes for a very quick kill if you have good enough aim.


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