Very Fast tutorial for compile Battlefield 3 textures
(Prepare a texture can't take more than 5 minutes)
Image Definitions

Diffuse or Color Image

Camo or Color Swatches Image
(In MOHW there are no Swatches Image)

Mask Image
(different mask images, in the left the full mask image , in the right mask image with alpha applied)

Ambiental Occlusion Image

Specular Map
(use Photoshop for decompile the RGB channels and extract the real specular map, dirt detail map and others)


Load the withe model in 3ds max, drag and drop over the mesh the diffuse texture

load the image texture to Material editor, enter in Diffuse color, change the Bitmap type to Mix Type material

In the mix window select the color 1 and change again the bitmap type to Composite type

add new layer and load (in normal mode) in the new layer the mask texture and change the alpha values.then of this back to composite window and change the normal value to multiply

back to mix window and now enter in color 2 , select composite and load again the diffuse texture

back to composite texture and create a new layer, load in this the camo texture and change the tiling values
(I use between 4-10, now use 4)

back to composite window and change the normal value to multiply, then in the same layer of the camo but in the right put the mask texture and change the alpha options of the texture

back to mix material window and enter in mix amount, load the mask texture and change the alpha options

you model is ready

How to export the Full Composite Texture

Select the mesh to export and go to Export / Export Selected

Export the model to *.OBJ (gw::OBJ-Exporter) and then select this:

enter in map export , select the format and the texture resolution (original torso texture resolution is 2048x2048)

Close and export

wait for the export and check your work folder, now you have your full composite texture

Medal of Honor Warfighter don't have Color swatches textures , this are autogenerated by the render system of the game but in 3DS Max We can Generate this.

Enter en Color Correction without texture selected in the layer(empty new layer), in MAP: change the black color to any new color

Now export

Color swatches images and mask images comply the same function in the game -----give color to the White diffuse textures with different method