Saturday, 14 September 2013

Call of Duty 1 Tutorial


-COD Mod tools (CodRadiant)
-Call of duty installed

1) Decompress all .pak files in main folder
2) Run GLXtractor, chosee app (codradiant) and change the following things:

select "start application"

3) now in codRadiant load a model (press the right button of the mouse over the grid, go to misc and select "model"

select a character body or head model

now over the preview window hold the right button of the mouse and press the capture buttons of GlXtractor (default is ctrl+shift+f) ------Repeat several times

now go to C:\Users\"your_user"\Documents\Xtracted (default path) and here are your model and textures.

4) now, use noesis for load the .obj files and flip the uv maps because 3ds max can't show the models

Note: maybe in 3ds max you must detach polygons for load textures.

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