Monday, 30 April 2012

A.V.A. AUG A3 FOR CS 1.6

" The AUG-A3 is an upgrade version of AUG-A1 "
For a price of 3,000 Euros, players can modify their AUG-A1 into an AUG-A3, which features rails for the attachment of different optics. As with all Modded weapons, the upgrade comes adds additional recoil in exchange for its capacity to be customized and a reduced repair cost (To balance out the money spent on modifications).
Some argue that the AUG A1 is superior to its upgraded counterpart, though their general preformance tends to be similar. However, using the correct modifications can make the AUG A-3 an excellent mid range or burst gun.
If modded correctly, the first one or two shots may have little to no recoil, making it an exceptional tap fire gun that holds exceptionally good accuracy. In extreme situations, if one cannot take cover, this can be used to tap fire at snipers to disorient them from hitting you, and if you aim properly at the head, you can easily kill snipers.
Ironically enough, most of the AUG-A3's attachments focus on upgrading accuracy at the cost of every other stat, which is already the only strongpoint of the AUG series.




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