Friday, 4 May 2012

A.V.A. FG42 For CS 1.6

“  A special model developed during World War II for the German Airborne Units in order to be used as a squad automatic weapon and a rifle at the same time. Its high power is well known as it uses a 57 cartridge, which was used on the Kar-98k.  ”

The FG42 is an Assault Rifle first introduced during the 02-10-11 Content Update.

The FG42 has very high damage due to the type of round it uses, but as a result, its stability suffers. It is strange to note that it is one of the more accurate weapons in the game. This along with its rather slow rate of fire should help a player land most of their shots.
Although the stats show that the Fg42 has high recoil, it feels like the recoil is comparable to that of a Sg556's or a XM8's. So, it is recommended to fire in short bursts of 3-4 at close to medium ranges. You may moveshot, but the recoil spreads quickly. It is best tapped, firing 5-10 shots in quick succession with 1 round for every click of the mouse. That way the recoil is neglegible, and the gun is superbly easy to control. That said, tapping is only good for stationary or slow moving targets. If the need arises, burst.