Monday, 26 March 2012

A.V.A. SR-2M Veresk for CS 1.6

The SR-2M Veresk is a sub machine gun first introduced during the 01-12-11 Content Update.


Currently considered one the top tier SMGs alongside the MP7A1 and, to a lesser degree, the AKS-74U, the SR-2M Veresk's lower stability and accuracy are balanced by a high rate of fire, damage, decent range and high mobility, allowing players to get into its most effective range. For players that can handle the recoil and cross hair bloom, this means higher damage over range compared to the MP7 and slightly more reliable close quarters effectiveness compared to the AKS.
This weapon has been called the "Para of Pointmen", due to it's difficulty in using it past close quarters, even if it has an extreme ROF and high damage. Also, the Veresk sports unusually high penetration and can tear through armor quickly, similar to the Para. Bursting with this weapon has less recoil then an MP7, if only for a few shots. Those few shots in close quarters however, will usually be enough to take down an enemy. Aiming for the upper chest/neck is advised.
The Veresk is one of the few SMGs unable to equip a supressor, which reduces stealth capablities.
This weapon is used by Bots in "Canon: [AI] Demolition"

Mods for the SR-2M Veresk include:

Dot(x2 HS) (+3 Accuracy)
Burst Barrel (+2 RoF, -1 Accuracy)
Sharp Shooter Barrel (+2 Accuracy, -1 RoF)
Mechanism Upgrade (+1 RoF, -1 Accuracy)
Stability Upgrade (+2 Stability, -1 RoF)
Magazine Replacement (+10 Ammo, -2 Mobility) - Highly recommended.
Silicon Grip (+1 Stability), Recommended for Accurate Burst-fire.
Human Engineered Grip (+1 Accuracy), Recommended for Full-auto fire.
  • Note: Silicon Grip increases accuracy and stability, but increases the max bloom..

Notable Comparisons (SR-2M Veresk w/Ammo mod)

  • AKS-74u (unmodded)
The Veresk has MUCH higher mobility (90 to AKs-74u's 70) and MUCH higher RoF (81 to 65)
The AKs-74u Has notably higher Damage (36 to Veresk's 33) and MUCH Higher Range (30 to Veresk's 22),
They Share the same Accuracy (40) Stability (28) and Clip Size (30)
-Note that the AKS-74u isn't as moddable as the Veresk since the 74u does not have a scope, nor does its has mods as potent as the Veresk's.
  • MP7A1
The Veresk has MUCH higher Damage (33 to MP7's 27), and negigibly higher range (22 to 20). Since they share the same RoF and Veresk has higher Dmg, the Veresk has a higher DPS. Though no stat defends this, it is often percieved that the Veresk has higher Penetration.
The MP7A2 has negigibly higher Accuracy (42 to Veresk's 40) MUCH higher stability (44 to 28), negligibly higher mobility (92 to 90, assuming the Veresk uses the Ammo Mod.), and a much larger clip (40 to Veresk's 30, again assuming the Ammo Mod.) It also has a Laser sight mod (+1 Acc, -1 Mobility) not available to the Veresk.
Although they have the exact same RoF (81), the MP7's RoF does not drop when using the scope, and (depending on which barrel is used) usually fires 0.5 bullets per second faster, whereas veresk's problematic recoil and bloom need to be dealt with by bursting, further disadvantaging it.


NEXT UPDATE: AN94 Sidewinder & AK47 Predator


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