Saturday, 24 March 2012

A.V.A. XM8 for CS 1.6

The XM8 was a developmental U.S. Military designation and project name for a lightweight assault rifle system that was under development by the United States Army in the early 2000s. The Army worked with the German small arms manufacturer Heckler and Koch (H&K) to develop the system to meet its requirements in the aftermath of the Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) contract, for which H&K had been a subcontractor to ATK. Although there were high hopes that the XM8 would become the Army's new standard infantry rifle, the project was put on hold in April 2005, and was formally cancelled on October 31, 2005, due to geopolitical politics originating from within the Department of Defense.
The XM8 is much lighter than the G36E. Its low recoil/spread and relatively powerful damage (4 points below the G36, 41) makes it very efficient in any type of combat. What it lacks in power, the XM8 makes up for with its high rate of fire and high portability making it feel like a tricked-out G36KE. As far as recoil goes, it seems to be mostly upward which makes it easier to control than its predecessor. This enables it too be able to go full auto in scope at medium to long range. The spread recovery rate on the XM8 is like the FAMAS, which is very quick. Even though the XM8 has 4 points lower damage, they both have 3 shot kills at close range and a weak 3/strong 4 hit kill at a distance.
Overall, the XM8 is a more "friendly" version of the G36E. In the end, G36E is a bit more superior, however if you're unable to tapfire as well, the XM8 is the clear choice.


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