Thursday, 8 March 2012

A.V.A. M4A1 BumbleBee For CS 1.6

M4A1 BumbleBee

“ A field-modified version of the M4A1. Improved barrel and ammunition provides higher firepower.  ”

The M4A1 Bumblebee is an Assault Rifle first introduced during the 06-10-10 Content Update.

The M4A1 Bumblebee is an "improved" version of the M4A1 featuring an increase in damage and range. It features a yellow paint job and the motif of a bee.

One of the debates surrounding the Bumblebee is whether or not it truly is an "upgrade" compared to an modded M4A1 (or at least when compared to the M4A1 Mk3). It sports higher damage, (scoped) accuracy, and range than its predecessor, but the noticable drop in RoF actually makes it kill less quickly in close to medium ranges. However, for those who tend to prefer mid-long range combat shouldn't disregard the Bumblebee's high range; It sports superior accuracy when looking down the sight which some say is 100% accurate when crouched.

It is less popular than its brother the M4A1 Carpio, due to the difference in playstyle (long range vs close-mid range)

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