Wednesday, 9 May 2012


" The new AR design upgraded from the C7 rifle, the Canadian version of the M16A2. The inclusion of a retractable butt plate similar to that of the C8, mounting rail for accessories, and an improved scope give it an overall performance boost.  "

The Diemaco C7A2 was a Canadian Assault Rifle first introduced during the 10-20-11 Content update.

In performance, the Diemaco has close similarities to the M16A2, though there are some substantial differences, the most obvious being the ability to equip a sight. The sight gives it an edge in longer range combat and lets it utilize its range and damage much more efficiently. Compared to the M16, it has higher stability and noticeably higher damage. It can kill in 1 shot hit to the head within approximately 15 meters(?). However, it lacks good moveshot, and does not excel in any one trait.
One of the weakest aspects of this gun is its bloom, which is actually fairly drastic and comes somewhat early compared to other Assault Rifles, similar to the TAR. It is best used when tapped or in very short bursts, and preferably when crouched.
When compared to the Sako or Para, it is severely lacking in DPS, but is comparatively easier to use and unlocked at a much lower level.
It is recommended to shoot the head, since its high dmg/stability/range can quickly and reliably pull off headshots from a good distance away.
When modding, it can go for two trends: Better performance in close combat with RoF mods, or better stability / accuracy. Both are equally recommended, though the RoF mod appears to be the more popular choice.
Overall, this is a upper-tier weapon that is superior to many within its class, but is not good enough to be considered "top tier". For those interested, it is still a recommended choice and is a nice fit for fans of mid-long combat, or those simply wanting to represent Canada.
It is worth noting that it performs better in reality.



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