Thursday, 17 May 2012

A.V.A. M249 SAW Red Tiger For CS 1.6

Weapon:     M249 Red Tiger
Type:     Light Machine Gun
Rank:     (1) Trainee
Country of Origin:     (US) United States of America
Popularity:     Medium
Euro(s):     N/A
GCoin:     N/A
Firing Modes:     Automatic
Ammo:     50/100
Suppressor:     No
Front:     No
Mount:     No
Barrel:     No
Trigger:     No
Grip:     No
Stock:     No
Paint:     No
Damage:     40
Range:     60
Accuracy:     43
Stability:     30
Mobility:     20
Rate of Fire(ROF):     80
Caliber:     N/A

    7.5 kg (17 lb) empty
    10 kg (22 lb) loaded

Length:     5.56×45 mm NATO
Hidden Stats
Penetration:     High
Zoom:     Yes
Scope:     No
Draw Time:     N/A
Reload Speed:     N/A

M249 Red Tiger - The AI Annihilation M249 is skinned differently that the basic M249 (with a Red Tiger camo), named Weapon and possesses an insane reload speed that can compete with even Sub-Machine Guns. It is held by the NRF leader when he enters and is dropped when he is killed.

DOWNLOAD M249 Red Tiger (Battery Hand) : LINK



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