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Weapon:     PGM .338
Type:     Sniper Rifle
Rank:     (11) Sergeant First Class 1
Country of Origin:     (FR) France
Popularity:     Moderate
Euro(s):     N/A
GCoin:     N/A
Firing Modes:     Bolt-action
Ammo:     5/15
Suppressor:     No
Front:     No
Mount:     Yes
Barrel:     Yes
Trigger:     Yes
Grip:     Yes
Stock:     No
Paint:     No
Damage:     99
Range:     96
Accuracy:     96
Stability:     10
Mobility:     11
Rate of Fire(ROF):     4
Caliber:     N/A
Weight:     N/A
Length:     N/A
Hidden Stats
Penetration:     High
Zoom:     N/A
Scope:     N/A
Draw Time:     N/A
Reload Speed:     N/A

PGM Precisions, is a French gun manufacturing company. The PGM .338's alternate name is the PGM Mini-Hecate, chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum. Its bigger brother, the PGM Hecate II, fires the mighty .50 Caliber.

The PGM.338 is a Sniper Rifle first introduced during the 08-17-11 Content Update in pre-release capsules.

The PGM.338 was a highly anticipated sniper rifle with the first appearance of the .338 Lapua Barrel 2 mod, which will rack up 114 points of raw Damage, surpassing the TPG1's long standing 110 damage per shot. The PGM .338 also has a faster scope speed thanks to ROF mods and the possibility of using a precision scope instead of the high mag for close range combat or quickscoping. However, PGM .388 also regains the dreadful trait of auto-zooming after every shot, which leads to Quick-Switching for a faster ROF and total Mobility.The PGM .338 also happens to have a +3 mobility mod, but it is impractical because moving drastically decreases accuracy.

The sniper rifle is designed for very long range combat by default, therefore it is 'easier' to aim at enemies who are close to medium range. (Enemies appear larger due to magnification of scope.)

The paint mod for PGM .338 not available on the NA-EU AVA



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