Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Extract Call of Duty 4

 You will need the following programs:

-Xmodel exporter
-COD4 Mod tools

Before starting the tutorial, make sure COD4 mod tools is downloaded and installed into your COD directory

Download and unzip xmodel exporter to your favourite directory, then run the program. In the 'xmodel directory' at the top of the program, select the '\raw\xmodel' directory within your CoD4 folder.

Now, you need to go to your 'cod4/main' directory, and open up the iw_00 files in your favourite zip program (such as winzip, or izarc). Extract the contents of the 'images' folder, to 'Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\raw\images'. Do this for all of the iwi folders that have an 'images' subfolder in them.

Now, browse to the model you want to extract, within xmodel. For example, the character models begin with the 'body_' tag. Now, under the xxxx_lod01 (indicating Level of Detail scale 1, ie the model is at its most detailed), highlight the iwi's and dds files that are in bold, and click 'convert to DDS' at the bottom of the screen. Do this for each of the files.

After you have done this, there should be no files left that are in bold. Now, press 'export .OBJ to...' and follow through the prompts to export the file to wherever you want.
(I suggest having seperate folders for each time you do this, ie a seperate folder for the ak47, from the r700.)

You will now have a folder such as the following, containing the .obj, .mtl, and all the relevant materials for the model.

hats the model exported, now time to open it in your favourite program! The following is how to import it to maya, but it should be nearly identical across other programs.
Firstly, select 'file>import' and browse to the .obj

Once you click import, the model should be in! You may have noticed that the model isnt skinned, but as you have all the relevant image files in your folder,
you should be able to re-skin it easily. Here is one I completed myself, and as before I said not all models have the heads and hand.

Finally, exporting with bones from CoD won't work, the bones import skewed and twisted. To animate the models you will have to manually
re-rig the model.You can use maya, 3dsmax, c4d or other 3d apps that you want.

Hope this could be useful for somebody

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