Thursday, 23 August 2012


"An upgraded version of the AK-47, it is a unique assault rifle that houses two separate pistons - one for normal operation and the other for reducing recoil - inside it's gas chamber. Improved stability when firing translates into more accuracy "

The AK-107bis is considered an "aim gun". When you fire without scoping, it has little recoil for the first 2 or 3 rounds but then blooms very quickly. However while aiming with the optic, the gun has little to no recoil and even so while moving, making it a highly accurate rifle also a run-and-gun-able weapon, which is the primary strength of this weapon.

For the statistics, AK-107 has 35 damage, which means the player needs to shoot the head twice or shoot the body 5 or even more times for a successful kill, and an average 55 ROF, making it not so fit in C.Q.C. However the stability makes up for the low damage. The extremely high 65 stability makes mid/long range suppresion possible but only shows while you aim by the optic, which makes another disadvantage in C.Q.C because of the limited vision. It has an average 45 range, which could be enhance to 51 with an ACOG. However the ACOG is not always recommended for this gun due to the vision problem mentioned earlier. A compromised solusion is to use the Red Dot, with 3 more range enhanced and a slightly tighter vision. However, the ACOG is generally better when shooting at a distance, as it is steadier and easier to keep on target. Generally speaking, this rifle is great for mid-range or even beyond, but not so fit in C.Q.C combat, except using it's advantage of it's stability to acquire run-and-gun headshots. It should never take the point unless necessary, and perfoms much better at a support position.


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