Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A.V.A. SW1911 FOR CS 1.6

Weapon:     SW1911
Type:     Pistol
Rank:     (8) Staff Sergeant 3
Country of Origin:     (US) United States of America
Popularity:     Low
Euro(s):     1,500 Euro Capsule
500 Euro + 25 Battle Point Capsule
GCoin:     N/A
Firing Modes:     Semi-Automatic
Ammo:     8/
Suppressor:     No
Damage:     38
Range:     14
Accuracy:     60
Stability:     50
Mobility:     70
Rate of Fire(ROF):     28
Caliber:     .45 ACP
Weight:     1.1 kg
Length:     221mm
Hidden Stats
Penetration:     N/A
Zoom:     N/A
Scope:     No
Draw Time:     N/A
Reload Speed:     N/A
Kill Feed

“    An upgraded model of the legendary Colt M1911A1 manufactured by S&W. The solid design of the original model coupled with a rail system and high-precision trigger block ensures high accuracy and good durability.    ”

The SW1911 is a Secondary weapon first introduced during the 07-13-11 Content Update.
The SW1911 is the only Euro Capsule pistol in the Capsule Shop. The SW1911 has high range, damage, and stability stats for a pistol, but at the cost of a small ammo clip and low mobility compared to other pistols. Up until the release of the Ingram MAC-10, the {SW1911 was the go-to Secondary for Free To Play players, being the most efficient backup weapon in the game for its time. After Ingram MAC-10's release, the weapon became forgotten and is now only a weapon bid upon in the Capsule Shop for players with extra Battle Points.



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