Monday, 19 March 2012

A.V.A. FN F2000 for CS 1.6

The F2000 is a very deadly weapon, with low recoil, medium fire rate and high moving accuracy. It is available at Sergeant First Class 1 at 58,000 Euros. The standard ammo count is 30/60, and 30/75 with the right Rifleman upgrades.
The F2000 has a unique trait of an Assault Rifle, it can put out a nice number rounds while at the same time still retaining deadly accuracy and low recoil. After a few quick seconds on full auto the recoil goes side to side just a bit, but if the majority of your bullets are fired before the sway hit your target it will most likely result in a kill. The only problem is the low DPS, making it defeated by pointmen and M4MKIIIs.
The F2000 also features a fast reload, which is a relief in the heat of a firefight on maps like Scorpion or Cold Case.
One thing that isn't so great about the weapon is that it lacks many attachments. You can attach a 4x Scope (which is a useful sniper/versatility type of addition to the weapon) to the gun, but cannot attach a more friendly sight, like the Holographic. It also lacks other attachments like lasers, but this may be in order to stop people from boosting the already high accuracy. That is also the same reason for the fact that there are also no other modifications availible, otherwise the gun would be even more overpowered. Aside from having only one type of scope, it does not lack in variety of barrels. A player would do well to select a barrel that does not decrease a statistic such as accuracy, and perhaps select something that may only carry a positive stat with no negatives.
The F2000 requires 8000 Euros more than the 50,000 Euro HK416. However, all traits of the gun will be worth every single euro or G-Coin that the player might spend on it, because in exchange for 58,000 Euro, the player has essentially just purchased one of the best weapons in game, on par with the M4MKIII and beaten by the SA58 Para. But the bad part it, you get scolded for using a 'no-recoil gun', because the recoil is minimum and easy to handle.



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