Monday, 19 March 2012

A.V.A. PP2000 for CS 1.6

The PP2000 is a Submachine Gun available exclusively to the POINTMAN class. It holds relatively average damage and rate of fire for an SMG, being a rough 4 or 5 hit kill at close range and deterioating as the range increases.The recoil on the PP2000 is high and unpredictable, randomly feeding from left to right and sometimes even going diagonally. The KBP PP2000 is one of the most portable guns in the game, topping its mobility stat at 92. The KBP PP2000's large clip and mobility leave it to be useful in a number of scenerios, with prision brek for its large clip capacity, croos steel for its mobility as the nuke key carrier, and Annihilation for being able to deal with multiple enemies in CQB situations. The gun is very difficult to use for new hands recieving the weapon, but with experience and practice the KBP PP2000 can become one of the most versatile SMGs in the game.
Though no stat verifies this, having the ammo mod (Dmg + 3, Ammo - 23) increases penetration significantly, making the KBP PP2000 among the most penetrating SMG's in the game as well as one of AVA's most damaging SMG's (with 35, higher than some Assault rifles.). Due to this, the PP2000 is not as reliant on headshots for kills compared to other weapons in its class. Its unpredictable recoil and 20 shot clip help balance this, however. When modded this way, the KBP is a superior weapon on one-on-one battles, though it is no longer effective in battles with multiple enemies (due to its clip.)
According to forum lore, the PP2000 with proper mods can be on par with the Veresk in terms of overall versatility. However, this performance comes with an noticeably smaller clip compared to the Veresk (20 compared to Veresk's 30), which makes the Veresk more popular.
Ironically enough, the 7N31 AP Bullet Exchange reduces the original ammo count of 88 (44 per clip) to 60 (20 per clip)


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