Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A.V.A. DSR-1 for CS 1.6

The DSR-1 is a sniper rifle that, despite being seemingly massive, has the highest mobility rating in its class. The DSR-1 has overall very high damage, a fairly mediocre-quick scoping speed, acceptable accuracy, acceptable range and the default ammo capacity for a 1 hit KO weapon. The DSR-1 is also a weapon which is only purchaseable for euros at the rank of Master Sergeant 1.
It is recommended that players use only the stability stock along with their choice of barrel and scope. The Long Range Barrel 2 will decrease the tag rate overall, however it also substantially decreases the accuracy as well. The Reinforced Barrel 2 increases accuracy as well as damage, but will tag more than the Long Range Barrel. Stability is not of too high importance due to the fact that the DSR-1 is a bolt-action sniper rifle.
Nonetheless, the DSR-1 is quite popular, because of its fairly low tag rate, scoping speed and mobility and is often seen(along with the FR-F2) being wielded by higher ranks in the PVP channel.
Compared to the FR-F2(which is unlocked at the identical rank) the DSR-1 has higher mobility, higher damage, approximately equal scoping speed(by default), more range and identical magazine size but lower accuracy, ROF and stability. The DSR-1 also quite expensive and costs almost 10,000 more euros than the FR-F2 which is why some players buy the FR-F2 instead.
This weapon is used by Bots in "Canon: [AI] Demolition".
Quick Scope 2 (Single Zoom Scope)
High Power Scope 2
Long Range Barrel (+1 Damage, +5 Range, -1 Stability, -1 Accuracy)
Reinforced Rifle Barrel (+3 Damage, +1 Accuracy, -1 RoF)
Human Engineered Grip (+1 RoF, -1 Accuracy)
Weight Grip (+3 Mobility, -1 Stability)
Heavy Stock (+2 Stability, -1 Mobility)
Shock Absorber (+2 RoF, -1 Accuracy)


DSR-1 New Anim



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