Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Make P & W model

Koshak - for his video tutorial how to change knife in v_knife model
GAARA54 - this tutorial

Cs 1.6 have 3 model's for weapon:
v_ - view model (you see this model in your hands)
p_ - player model (you see this model in other player hands)
w_ - world model (you see this model on a ground when you drop weapon)
How to make p_ and w_ model's for weapon when you have only v_ model ?
It very easy

look at an example of this v_ model:

Put v_ak47 in any folder
Open milkshape3d
Go to: Tools -> Half-Life -> Decompile Normal HL MDL File
Decompile our v_ak47 model

Then go to:
File -> Import -> Half-Life SMD

What we see ?

We see many animations and 3 reference:
lhand.smd - left hand
rhand.smd - right hand
f_ak47_template.smd - (reference of ak-47) it what we need

Import f_ak47_template.smd
IMPORTANT: put tick only on TRIANGLES

then put standart cs 1.6 w_ak47 model in any folder
decompile: Tools -> Half-Life -> Decompile Normal HL MDL File

and import w_ak47.smd (reference of w_ model ak-47)
IMPORTANT: put tick on triangles and skeleton

What we see ?

we see 2 ak-47 (standart and our colored model)

Use Select button to select colored ak-47:

Then use 2 button: Rotate and Move
apply exactly our colored ak-47 on standart ak-47

Then use Scale button to change the size of our colored ak-47

Change X Y Z size of model and press "Scale"

What we see ?

Our AK-47 is exactly like the standart AK-47 and is suitable in size, very good

What do next ?
Go to "Groups" select standart ak-47 meshes and press "Delete" on keybord

Go to "Joints" select joint Line02 then select with mouse meshes of colored ak-47 and press "Assign"

Go to File -> Export -> Half-Life SMD
and export smd there when we decompile standart ak-47 w_ model
Export for example as 1.smd

open w_ak47.qc in decompile folder of standart ak-47 w_ model

and change:

$bodygroup studio
studio "w_ak47"

$bodygroup studio
studio "1"
Copy all textures from folder where we decompile colored v_ak47, to folder where we decompile standart w_ak47

Go to Tools -> Half-Life -> Compile QC File
Compile w_ak47.qc

open w_ak47.mdl with HLMV

what we see ?

we maded w_ak47 colored model from v_ak47

just as well made p_ model, exactly you can change the knife in hand in a model of a v_knife and a lot more we can attach anything to the body of the player model ...

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  1. hey dude! what if i have 2 references of my modified weapon (colored ak47)??
    how to merge them?